Yoga & Nourish Retreat Day

Yoga & Nourish Retreat Day

6th April 2019 11.00am – 4.00pm

A warm welcome to the Yoga & Nourish Retreat Day

Join us for our blissful Yoga & Nourish Retreat Day, to welcome balance in body & belly. Expect a deeply relaxing day filled with yoga, mindful movement, meditation twinkling candles, lots of you-time, good vibes and absolutely delicious plant based nourishment.

The Retreat Day will begin with a guided meditation to welcome a sense of deep relaxation. Gradually easing your way into a flowing Yin/Yang practice. Culminating with a rejuvenating guided rest to let all of the good stuff really sink in.

We flow then we slow…….

The first half of the yoga practice will be dynamic and flowing in style to build heat in the body. Creating a graceful dance between breath and movement. Gradually easing your way into a meditative Yin Yoga Practice, where supported and reclined postures will be held for up to five minutes working more deeply into the body. Welcoming a little more ease, spaciousness and peace.

After three hours of yoga and meditation we hope you will have worked up a healthy appetite….! Our wonderful plant based chef Happy Belly will be on hand to offer you a bountiful feast of nourishing delights.

So join us to balance in body and belly this Spring

Please note that pre-booking is essential as we like to keep it nice and cosy ensuring the highest of quality Retreat Day.

Movement Inc yoga is a 250+ hour Yoga Alliance Professionals certified Hatha/Vinyasa/Yin yoga Teacher With a BA Honours degree in contemporary dance and a PGCE.

A passionate advocate of movement and whole body nourishment movement Inc offers thoughtfully crafted feel good flows that allow you the space to move with freedom and awareness. Rooted in years of self practice and teaching experience Movement Inc offers fun yet informative practices that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Happy Belly is plant based chef who specialises in cuisine that delights the senses whilst welcoming balance in body & belly.

Happy Belly feels passionately about the benefits of a Whole Foods plant based approach to nourishment and whole body vitality, and lovingly creates delicious nourishing feasts inspired by the seasons, world travel and the joy of good food.

Investment £50

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