Shell’s Classes

    Vinyasa Flow – Thursdays 5.30 – 6.45pm in the Studio & Online

    Energising and empowering vinyasa flow. Classes aim to give an all-round opening of the body through sensitively selected sequencing creating space in the body and mind. Expect a steady paced dynamic flow aiming to leave you feeling strong and nourished. I love to practice inversions so expect a balance or two, with options for all levels using props when needed. Getting inverted is an incredibly empowering practice but it can be challenging so I invite you this safe space to take my class at a pace that feels good for you.


    The Teacher

    Shell’s yoga journey started after feeling a need to find some space within a busy lifestyle running restaurants and events. It didn’t take long before yoga classes became a weekly sanctuary and she was quickly inspired to become a teacher with a vision to offer others the space she had found for herself.

    Shell trained in 2017 Vinyasa Flow and AcroVinyasa, and has been teaching both yoga and AcroYoga in Bristol since. Inspired by her love for acro, her vinyasa classes are a playful balance between yin and yang, offering a strong but steady, energising practice with space to stretch and observe the breath.

    You can find Shell happiest when she’s upside down either in yoga, acro or being tossed in the air with her love for standing acrobatics. A passionate hobby that has been pivotal in finding inner strength and overcoming fears, learning to trust herself and the ground beneath her, whatever that may be! She loves teaching acro for the simple joy it brings when her students trust each other and do things they never thought they could do. The global acro community is something like no other and Shell found a strong sense of self as she started to connect with the Bristol and Australian community on her travels. It was in Sydney she came across Yoga Beyond, who she did her teacher training with, a deliberate choice to have AcroYoga teachers to influence her Vinyasa training.

    Shell is a leader for the Bristol AcroYoga community, organising meet-ups and supervised jams and you can also find her happiest running supperclubs, yoga brunches and ‘Kutumba’ events and retreats. Kutumba, meaning family, is her latest project with co-teacher Seanie Louise bringing yoga, food, community and music to unique venues across the city. As a creative gem, Shell thrives in this environment combining all of her loves into heartwarming events spreading the love for the things that make her glow.


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