Libby’s Classes

Reggae Yoga – Wednesdays 18.30 – 19.30 in the Studio

A creative, playful flowing class that will change and develop as the weather, seasons and our moods change. Creative and dynamic transitions and flows, whilst exploring the balance between strength and stillness. This class will help to enhance strength and flexibility, whilst also bringing you a sense of peace and serenity by connecting to your breath and mind. Accompanied by a carefully curated playlist, featuring some of the best Reggae tunes.

Creative Vinyasa – Monthly Class (last Saturday of each month) 15.00 – 16.15 in the Studio & Online

A monthly extended on a Saturday afternoon. This class will explore creative and dynamics transitions and flows whilst finding the balance between strength, fluidity and stillness. Expect some funky and weird movements as we look at enhancing strength, flexibility and finding serenity by connecting to the breath and mind. This class will be accompanied by a carefully curated and creative playlist. Expect a dynamic and fluid class, exploring creative movements and transitions whilst exploring stillness, breath work and rest. This class will be available both online and in the studio.

The Teacher

Libby’s Yoga journey began back when she was about 15. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in her knee and as a result was very limited to physical activities and sport. She was encouraged to try Yoga, and so the love affair began.
The relationship with Yoga was very much on-again, off-again. It was only when she was about 18 that she really got back into Yoga. Stuck in a rut about what to do with her life, she decided to follow her on-again-off-again relationship and turn it into a full on relationship. Then at the age of 19, she completed her 200hrs of Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga.

Libby’s teaching style is playful and intuitive, and students are encouraged to move at their own pace, finding that sweet balance of softness and strength. Expect classes to be fluid and explorative, delving deep into the body and the breath with an ever evolving element as we tune into the seasons, weather and nature. Classes are accompanied by thoughtfully curated playlists, scents and gentle, consensual adjustments.

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