Jude’s classes

Power Flow – Sundays 5.30 – 6.30pm in the Studio

A powerful Vinyasa inspired class focussing on building strength and flexibility through flowing sequences and the use of breath.

The practice is strong but suitable for all levels as modifications and adjustments are always offered. Expect power, hip openers, inversions and a sweet relaxation to round off.

Deep Stretch – Sundays 6.45 – 7.45pm in the Studio

This class is very gentle with minimal flow aside from a warm up to get you into your body. There is normally a focus for the class i.e. Hip openers, shoulder release, back bending, all inspired by a combination of yoga, dance and circus stretching techniques.

Suitable for all.

The Teacher

As a professionally trained dancer and circus artist, Jude has worked with her body her entire life.

Having taught ballet for a good while, she began teaching yoga 5 years ago after practising for over 12 years. Yoga helped her stay grounded and in touch with her body in a competitive career.

‘Yoga is for everybody; all shapes, sizes, ages, sexes… a truly beautiful thing!’

Her classes embody elements of her dance training to create a powerful yet flowing style that is challenging but fun!

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