Hazel’s Classes

Yoga for Men – Fridays 9.30 – 10.30am – Online class

This class is a friendly, approachable but also challenging session suitable for beginners and those developing their practice. The class is specifically designed to cater for issues common for men such as tight hips and restricted low back. I offer plenty of options so that you can choose to back off or take a more challenging posture and throughout the class there are cues to focus on the breath. The class is most similar to Vinyasa flow but it can vary from week to week and sometimes we have a theme to work into a particular area based on student requests. As a Chiropractor I ensure the class is a safe, embodied practice and I offer variations for those suffering with injuries.

The online class is open to all, not just men, but the hope is that this class will encourage more guys to get involved in yoga. The class is live streamed from a session with a group of men varying in age from 40-60+ who have been practising with me weekly for over a year. Unfortunately the in-person class is currently at capacity.

The Teacher

Hey, I am Hazel, thank you for checking out my profile.

My journey to yoga has been perhaps slightly different to most as I began by teaching Body Balance whilst working as a fitness instructor in a gym, over fifteen years ago. It took me another ten years to start up practising yoga again and then I well truly caught the bug. What started back as a hobby, soon became a passion, which is now an integral part of me.

I lead a busy life as a Chiropractor, treating patients and managing my business. During this time, the business has expanded, and I have also been studying for an MBA. Although this has been successful, the past ten years have been exceedingly stressful, and my work-life balance was completely off kilter. Over the past five years I have been working to readdress this imbalance and get back to what is important. Yoga has been the means to make this happen and completing my 500-hour teacher training at Yogasara has been the most important step towards my new way of life. Alongside this, I have sold most of my belongings and now live on a canal boat, so life has certainly been interesting of late.

In my classes, I teach a Vinyasa flow style of yoga where I enjoy linking postures with the breath. The classes are taught in a kramic approach, where the movements are broken down for varying abilities. This allows the classes to be suitable for absolute beginners and those improvers, as well as anyone suffering from an injury. I utilise my Chiropractic knowledge in providing specific feedback to my students both with hands on facilitations and after class discussions. I generally do not take myself too seriously and the classes are very relaxed and informal. Thank you for reading my profile and please do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. The whole world of yoga can be a crazy and confusing place and I do believe that there really is a class for everyone.

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