Ellie’s Classes

Yin Yoga – Tuesday’s 12.30 – 1.30pm in the Yoga Room

Yin Yoga with Ellie allows you to experience a sanctuary of relaxation in the middle of your day – a perfect antidote to the yang of our fast-paced modern lives. Ellie’s class promises to provide a positive contrast to the rest of your day, allowing you the chance to reset, both physically and mentally. Holding poses for 3-6 minutes allows the fascia, joints and muscles to fully stretch and release tension in a way that active poses do not. These longer held poses also allow for a beautiful introduction to breath work and meditation, which Ellie will incorporate into each class. Expect a cosy and comforting hour of total relaxation. You will leave Ellie’s class feeling relaxed and ready to face the rest of your day in a calm and refreshed state.

Open to all regardless of experience. Book directly through Yoga on the Square or find me on MoveGB

The Teacher

Ellie has always had a passion and love of movement, after training in dance until her late teenage years Ellie then found a love of yoga – a way to express herself in an environment that was welcoming and resonated with her. Studying Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at University, Ellie became interested in Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, allowing her to discover the ancient traditions in which yoga is bound to. This led her to study Religion at a master’s degree level, where she has recently completed her dissertation on yoga and mental well-being. Ellie completed her 100hr yin yoga teacher training whilst researching for her dissertation, bringing together the practical and academic sides of yoga and created a deep understanding of the power of yoga. Ellie’s passion lies in the belief that yoga can have a profound and positive effect on one’s mental well-being and hopes to provide this magic to her students.

Blog: https://elliewoodyoga.blogspot.com

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