Elena’s Classes

Restorative Flow – Tuesdays – 5.30 – 6.30pm in the Studio

All levels restorative flow rooted in the slower pace of traditional Hatha yoga, with a fluid flow that may build to more dynamic poses as you encourage movement in the joints, explore coordination. Feeling deep into all the wobbles is always much welcomed in my classes and creative sequencing explores different planes of motion in the body in order to weave out tension from habitual lifestyle patterns, develop flexibility & get the body feeling fluid. We close in deep restorative poses or guided yoga nidra to fully unwind.


The Teacher

Much of my life has been spent training in the creative body. Diverse years studying movement, performance, opera and visual arts furthering my fascination with the body’s ability to creatively express, and yoga being elemental in that journey since I emerged jelly – kneed from an Iyengar class in my teens.

My practice and teaching incorporates flowing movement, philosophical teachings & playful proprioception work, combining my studies in anatomy and experience curating contemporary sacred space. As a grubby child with adventurous parents who loved to travel I became and continue to be much inspired by nature, how the elements weave their ways through our bodies and practice enlivens our awareness of them. I’m interested in how this enriches our connection to the world around us.

I love to chant! These often colour my classes, more modern Kirtan inspired ones and traditional Vedic ones too, regular students know the fun we have shedding our need to sing them tunefully.

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