Becky’s Classes

Triyogi Wake & Flow – Tuesday morning 7.30 – 8.30am in the Studio

Come and energise with a morning vinyasa flow to start your day with a yay. In this class we will work on building strength, stamina and increased flexibility – with a bit of a work out thrown in for good measure. We will start with a gentle warm up, move on to some more challenging peak postures interweavead by vinyasas to keep the heart rate up, then wind down again with some stretching and releasing to ensure each part of the body is treated, happy and healthy. I often like to play with arm balances and inversions to challenge not only our bodies but our minds and concentration too. A fully intergrative practice, yoga can feed the soul. All levels welcome to come and have a play. ♥

Triyogi Flow – Wednesday evening 7.00 – 8.00pm in the Yoga Room

Come and join me in this mid-week vinyasa flow where we will move through a dynamic range of poses accompanied by music, carefully designed to encourage strength, stamina, tone, balance and ease. We will work with control of the breath to connect with the self and enhance a peaceful unity of body and mind. I offer a space to find balance at this mid-point during the week, to stimulate body and mind whilst inviting relaxation and recuperation. All levels welcome ♥

The Teacher

Yoga came into my life at a point where I was particularly stuck. My life has transformed since then and the role of yoga as a consistent player throughout this has been central. Yoga has supported me without me even knowing it which inspires me to share this potential with others. By practising yoga for release, strength and flexibility I cultivated profound change, self-love and confidence.

I am a 200hour Certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher. I have completed additional trainings in yin yoga, aerial yoga and thai massage which have provided me a deeper understanding of yoga and its many forms and benefits. Having spent the last three months teaching at a Yoga Teacher Training course in Thailand, I am back to focus all the amazing things I learnt into my classes here in Bristol ❤ I completed my own yoga training in the Himalayas alongside deeply inspiring, knowledgeable and dedicated yoga teachers, and I endeavour to incorporate their passion and love into my own teaching philosophy.

For me yoga is a tool for the individual to connect with the self in any way that works, there are no rules or rights or wrongs, only self-expression. Through nurturing this self-expression and care we can then reach out and connect with the collective, developing strong, lasting, loving relationships with ourselves and others.’

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