Alice’s Classes

Hatha Restore – Mondays 19:15 – 20:15 in the Studio & Online

It’s Hatha with a juicy twist! Start your week off with an intuitive hatha based flow, diving into all elements of earth, using breathwork and chakras. Ending the class with a few delicious restorative poses to send you off into your own bliss.
Engaging and soothing your nervous system all in one.

This class will help you unravel any external layers of the ego and outside world, allowing you to be and to move within your own body. Leaving you feel more human than ever.
Allow this class to guide your body through expansion and both internal & external calm.
Suitable for all levels.

The Teacher

Hi I’m Alice, thanks for scrolling by.
As a young girl I was curious. Curious and questioned everything. But why? But how?
My inquisitive curiosity led me to finding answers out for myself about the mind, body and why we do things.
Coming from a performing & creative background most of my life, the idea of self-expression came naturally to me. But somehow it was never enough.

The idea of self-expressing has a whole new meaning to me since I found yoga. Yoga came to me at a real time of need, through despair of wholeheartedly wanting to change my life it enabled me to see life through a new lens. To me it is a way of expressing the body & mind in a way so pure, so real and so fulfilling.
It changed my life.

My classes offer a chance to reconnect back to your source. Through creating a relaxed, creative & intuitive space, I encourage self-discovery to come out & play. You are your own teacher.
Through my practice I work with the elements of the earth, mantras, affirmations, chakras & more. All elements I feel truly enable you to find your own rhythm and truest self.

Yoga really has the power to transform your life if you let it.
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