Ailsa’s Classes

Vinyasa Yoga – Tuesdays 7.15 – 8.15pm in the Studio

Vinyasa Yoga – Wednesdays 1.30 – 2.30pm in the Yoga Room

With almost 10 years’ experience practising yoga, Ailsa’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes promise to leave you feeling light, vitalised and equally stretched and strengthened. Ailsa’s lively and energetic classes are characterised by smooth and constant movement synchronised with the breath.  Creative and intelligent sequencing of poses ensure that your body is moved through all planes of movement whilst aligning with accuracy and safety. Each class is accompanied with eclectic and thoughtfully selected music allowing you to immerse yourself in this moving meditation, calming your mind and reducing stress. Overall, Ailsa’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes are a deeply relaxing, meditative and physically rewarding experience.

Ailsa’s classes are for all levels and suitable for everyone from beginners to those more experienced at practising yoga. Ailsa gives a number of options in more challenging poses to accommodate all levels.

The teacher

I started practising yoga over ten years ago while studying at Edinburgh University. I practised off and on until I volunteered at the Suryalila Retreat Centre in Spain in 2013. During my time volunteering, I had the opportunity to greet the morning sunrise while practising with incredible yoga teachers from across the globe. It was an inspiring time in my life and it built the foundations of my yoga knowledge and fully cemented my belief that yoga can have a positive impact on anyone’s life! In October 2017, I returned to Suryalila and trained to become a yoga teacher with Vidya Jacqueline Heisel as part of the Frog Lotus International 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

I teach Vinyasa Yoga and Restorative Yoga with Yoga Nidra in a number of studios across Bristol. I cherish the opportunity to share my passion with others, to help my students develop their practise and to guide a class that leaves you feeling stretched, strengthened, rejuvenated and rested. When I am not teaching yoga, you will find me writing and sharing my passion for everything to do with yoga, wellness, mindfulness and environmentally friendly living.

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