Retreat Yourself – Pregnancy Day Retreat

Retreat Yourself – Pregnancy Day Retreat

Saturday 16th February 9.20am – 4.40pm


Why come on a pregnancy day retreat?

Firstly, you have been working around the clock to build a perfect little person who you are now incubating.

Now is the time to show your body, mind and BABY some love!

You will adore this pregnancy retreat day for so many reasons but let us list a few.

  • You will meet other pregnant women.
  • In the morning you will release stresses and strains you have brought to the day in a beautiful pregnancy yoga session run by an expert pregnancy yoga teacher.
  • You will have the chance to explore your own pregnancy concerns or fears which are holding you back from embracing this special time.
  • You will practice deep relaxation and build an understanding of the power of hypnobirthing.
  • All day you will be treated with incredible eats but particularly the AWESOME lunch prepared by our in-house 5* chef Kirstie Urquhart
  • Who doesn’t need a bit of pampering every now and then? We all do, so we will give you the chance to have your feet soaked in a soothing foot bath and then have a glorious foot rub, or perhaps you prefer a head neck and shoulder massage and some quiet time to really enjoy the day, or maybe both!
  • You will have 100% attention from your retreat hosts. They will be on hand to answer any pregnancy questions, provide listening ears and thoughtful advice and support.
  • Most importantly you will take part in a moving ceremony where you can privately and memorably welcome and invite your baby to join us all in the world.


If you want to find out more please visit: or feel free to jot us an email at and we can contact you back to chat through any questions.

The pregnancy day retreat is an excellent accompaniment to any NCT or antenatal class as you will learn tools and techniques for your birth preparation.

However the emphasis is not on birth education but on pregnancy relaxation.

The women who come on our retreats leave feeling refreshed and confident.  Even if you are in your first timer or mother to many, you will get the chance to truly immerse yourself into a wonderful state of being during your personal and unique journey.

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