NukuYoga on the Square

NukuYoga on the Square

Saturday 25th August


This discovery based practice, combing yoga, partner acrobatics and Thai massage, will benefit first timers and experienced Acroyogis. Amongst safe working structures, we will explore this beautiful art. Improving trust, whole body listening, building confidence and allowing ease in balanced supported movement.

We will warm up, practice some basic moves and then introduce one or two more technical elements. Finishing with some nourishing relaxing therapeutics.

Open to everyone. Mats and refreshments provided.

About Nuku


Since 2013 I have been practising and teaching Acroyoga. An incredible art which involves working together in pairs through flows, refining transitions through repetition and collaboration. I have profound belief in the therapeutic value of Acroyoga, giving participants the chance to let go of fear, tension and stress. Strength and softness are required, in just the right measures to make this contact based, supportive art deliver its peak benefits. The journey is the reward.

I qualified in 2017 with the inspirational power couple – Yoga Beyond in Bali. I have taught in Austria, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka, California and Turkey to date.

I have many long enjoyed activities which compliment my acroyoga practice, including Capoiera, climbing, Tango, Chi Gong, to name a few…

You can find out more about my teaching at and the brilliant self care practices I use and share including emotional fitness, life coaching, shadow integration, Alexander Technique and Hatha yoga.

I’m happy to have found something that fits me so well. That I am am gifted in sharing. That everyone gets so much from. I believe that acroyoga holds great benefits for everyone, if you would like to, come and see what is here for you!


Price £27

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