Mediumship & Divination – 1 day workshop

Mediumship & Divination – 1 day workshop

Saturday 14th March 2020


Intuitive and psychic abilities run through everyone and people use them in many ways from readings and divination to healings and spiritual connection🌙

This workshop will help you to discover where your natural abilities lie, the tools you work best with and then to build and amplify these natural traits.

No previous experience is required, just an open mind and allowing yourself to let go. 🌿

Throughout the day you will be working on various forms of mediumship and divination including:
– Meditations to activate the pineal gland and energy bodies
– Meeting with your guides to help yo
– Psychometry
– Stone reading
– Ribbon Reading
– Intuitive tarot
– Scrying
– Omens
– Symbolic energy
– Mediumship via personal guides
– Protections
+ so much more!

All these skills will strengthen your own personal connection to spirit and to those around you, aiding you in your own practises and path 🔮

10:15am – 15:45pm
Limited spaces available

Investment of day: £50 total

*booking required before March 14th*

🔮🌸🔮🌸HOW TO BOOK 🌸🔮🌸🔮

Just follow the ticket link below:

For any questions or queries contact Alex:
Or message The Energy Healer Facebook page

Can’t wait to see you in March! 😄

Many blessings,

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