Massage Therapy with Catherine Roberts

Massage Day with Catherine Roberts
Thursday 25th July
2 – 8pm


My name is Catherine Roberts; I will be the onsite Massage therapist on the 25th July! I am fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist and member of the FHT, with many treatments available.

Massage is a perfect complement to your yoga sessions as your mind relaxes, your body stretches and your system cleanses. I will work at flushing out the built up toxins in your muscles with in-depth tissue treatment: this will lift the dead cells, built up platelets and toxins and push them back into your lymphatic and cardiovascular system to be flushed out.  Massage also increases your range of movement. You will have an increase in fresh oxygenated blood flow to areas treated and this will reduce aches and pains. Massage works with each system in your body to realign your inner balances.

My techniques include TP (Trigger Point Therapy), CTT (Connective Tissue Therapy), STR (Soft Tissue Release) and many more. I work with injury/ rehabilitation and muscle specific work and those of you who just need some lovely muscle attention.

I aim to detoxify your muscles, relax your body with pure relaxation techniques, using scented oils, all to aid your body’s recovery leaving you revitalised and refreshed.

Treatments offered

Price Initial Consultation Time Types
    £35 Returning only 30 min massage Localised area.
   £45 First time clients (15/20 min) 60 min massage Sports/ Deep tissue/Relaxation.
   £50 Pay as you go. Loyalty card discounts available.
   £70 First and returning clients (15/20 min) 90 min
Sports/Deep tissue/Relaxation.
   £200    (£40 per    hour) 5 sessions  (15/20 min) 5 hours of
Sports/Deep tissue/Relaxation.

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