Introduction to Mysore-Style Ashtanga

Introduction to Mysore-Style Ashtanga with Christine Gregory and Jon Hancock

Saturday 1 December 2018, 12.30 -2.30pm


£20 *Price includes 2 free weeks of Mysore classes for the weeks after the workshop (up to Friday 14/12/18).


Join KPJAYI Authorised teachers Christine Gregory and Jon Hancock for an Introduction to Mysore-Style Ashtanga which will give you the confidence you need to attend our early morning Mysore classes here at Yoga On The Square.


The session will begin with a brief background to Ashtanga, an explanation of how the self practice Mysore classes work, and to answer any questions you have.


Christine and Jon will then guide you through some simple breathing techniques to prepare you for linking breath to movement, and then guide you through the Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations), and the first six standing poses of the Ashtanga sequence , giving appropriate modifications if needed to make the poses accessible to you. You will then be given time to practice the poses in your own time, as it would be practiced in our Mysore classes.


This is a unique opportunity to learn and practice this amazing tradition in a small group setting with two experienced Ashtanga practitioners and teachers.


For booking or any questions, doubts, or fears please feel free to contact Christine:

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