Imbolc Yoga Nidra Workshop

Imbolc Yoga Nidra Workshop

9th February 2019


A warm welcome to the Imbolc Yoga Nidra Workshop
Imbolc is about the stirring of new life in the earth and the first intimations of spring. We’ll take the theme of the fertile darkness. February 1st is St Brigid’s day, the Celtic-Christian festival and this is a strongly female time. ‘Imbolc’ has etymology of budding, cleansing, milk and ‘in the belly’. What is it gestating in you, waiting to see the light of spring?

Imbolc is the Celtic cross quarter festival between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It’s a time when we can be close to Spirit and subtle energies, perfect for tuning in with the practice of yoga nidra. It’s a potent moment of the year with Candlemass too; in the church festival candles symbolise Christ, light of the world, so we’ll use candles to bless ourselves with all that is positive, bringing hope and the knowledge we are loved.

Yoga nidra is a guided lying down meditation technique for deep relaxation and personal insight

With gentle yoga, yoga nidra, yummy vegan snack, light blessing, and a workshop to vision your next move, this will be a full, grounding and light-filled session.

Mixed ability yoga This is a workshop for anyone, including those new to yoga, and being ‘able’ is more about the willingness to go within and use the breath than trained physical strength or flexibility. More experienced practitioners will have a chance to explore nidra more deeply.

Fiona Sundari Law, long time traditional hatha yoga teacher, trained in nidra and has been facilitating seasonal nature connection nidras for over two years. Nidra was a key tool in visioning Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm, a retreat place in Mid Devon.

Investment: £25 Includes a yoga session with yoga nidra, tea and a snack. Viveka Gardens is keen to make yoga available to all so bursaries are available for those on benefit. Please contact to discuss.


from 1.45 arrival and settling

2.00 opening circle, introductory talk and workshop part I

2.45 gentle yoga session with nidra

4.00 workshop part II

4.45 closing circle

5.00 a chance to enjoy a snack and tea in the chill out room upstairs


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