EARTHfire: a Journey into Strength

EARTHfire: a Journey into Strength

Sunday 8th March 2020


Breathe some fire into your life! If you’re ready to turn up the heat in 2020, join us for an afternoon of playtime, practice and perspiration. We will open with a poetry meditation to centre and ground before moving into a flow to wake up the body. Once warm, we will work through some mobility drills and strength conditioning to get our muscles firing and opening, our joints healthy and happy and our range of motion at its optimum. Putting all of our hard work into practice, we’ll take flight with a handful of fun and challenging arm balances before finishing with a cool-down and a long sweet savasana with poetry and aromatherapy.

Whether you’re a yoga newbie or a seasoned practitioner, everything will be explained and broken down with modifications and progressions so you can work with your body wherever it’s at. There will be sweat and there will be laughs so make sure you grab your spot and we’ll see you on the mat!

Investment: £30.00EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! 20% off if you book before midday on Saturday 8th Feb.

Booking: EARTHfire: a Journey into Strength

Time: 12 – 3pm

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