Candlelit Deep Slow Flow with Nick Green

The last Sunday of each month, 8.00 – 9.45PM


Sunday 26th May

Sunday 30th June

Sunday 27th July


Deep Slow Flow

This is a monthly class open to all levels offering a deliciously deep dive into meditation and breath-focused asana with an emphasis on a deep, slow Vinyasa flow and solid structural alignment. This is the final slot of the day, week and month so you can expect actual time to find your breath, no rushing through poses and a suitably lengthy and facilitated savasana – accompanied by a mix of Yoga Nidra, live music, candlelight and chosen incense / scents of the day (+ a little raw choccy!)

Nick’s experience of Yoga is that wherever and whenever he’s seen it applied as a strategy for finding happiness, it works. Currently with 800 hours of teacher training from various disciplines and influenced by work in a range of traditions, Nick’s focus is on creating and holding a powerful space for transformation and offering bio-mechanically sound Yoga in a light-hearted and easily accessible way.


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