Baby Massage with The Gentle Touch – 4 week course

Baby Massage with The Gentle Touch

4 Week Course


Mondays 11:00am – 12:00pm from 7th – 28th June 2021

Join us to learn to soothe your baby and meet other parents in Bristol.
You will learn a full body massage routine for your baby over 4 weeks, slowly building up the massage strokes. There is plenty of time for practising and revising the moves throughout the course, and our comprehensive guidebook contains all the information so you don’t need to remember it all.
We’re relaxed and baby led, so if you need to feed or change your baby, or just watch whilst they sleep we encourage you to do what your baby needs – there is no pressure do anything during the class other than relax together.
There is a chance that due to the Covid19 pandemic that we many have to either postpone or cancel this face to face course. You will then of course have the option to transfer to online, have a refund or use as payment for another of our services.
We have taken as many precautions as we are able to make this a safe course for you and your baby. You will be sent further emails containing the details of these.
“The Baby Massage classes were really soothing and my baby really loved it. I felt like it really helped me to connect with my little girl and we’ve carried on using the skills we taught at home as it really helps her calm down before bed. Highly recommended!”
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